Children’s Extensive Support (CES)

Community Connector

We provide a wide variety of opportunities for children and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities to become active members of the community. Our goal is to help the child we support to build meaningful relationships with others, and to pursue their passions. These activities will be conducted in a variety of learning settings in which the child in our services will interact with other children and community members, not just their service providers and caregivers.



Eleos Services provides services to train and instruct the individual in basic homemaker tasks including cleaning, laundry or household care to increase independence of the individual. These services may include hands on assistance when the primary caretaker is unable to manage the home and care for the individual or there is a need for extraordinary cleaning.



We provide short term, quality care for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, to give respite to their families or caretakers, and to enhance their quality of life. Respite may be provided in the community, or in the home of the respite care provider.