Developmental Disabilities

Day Habilitation – Supported Community Connections

We provide a wide variety of opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to become active members of the community. Our goal is to help the person we support to build meaningful relationships with others, and to pursue their passions. These activities will be conducted in a variety of learning settings in which the person in our services will interact with community members, not just their service providers and caregivers.


Non-Medical Transportation

Eleos Services will also provide transportation to adults, to safely get them to and from their home to jobs, community activities, etc.


Residential Habilitation – Individual Residential Services & Support (Host Homes and Family Caregivers)

We provide skill development for adults through host homes or family settings. Our care providers consist of individuals or families in the community carefully selected by Eleos Services to provide a safe, supportive and caring home for an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability. At Eleos Services we believe adults who utilize our residential services will thrive.  If you are interested in residential services, interested in becoming a host home provider or want to be recognized as a caregiver for your own family member, please contact us.